Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm over here

Computer viruses, human viruses and family dramas have left me a little behind in the posting stakes - sorry all and thanks to Kate and Gillian for checking in (within minutes of each other - how spooky is that?).

I have not been idle. There's this sweet little grey mystery mohair (stash busting 3 balls of it) kerchief knitted from a pattern in Yarn issue 2 to get me out of my knitting malaise of a couple of weeks ago.

And there's this mystery 12 ply (stash busting again!) moebius scarf from Simply Knitting (UK) Spring 2006 issue.

The moebius is REALLY easy to do and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm trying to find the headspace to design one for a specific wool (also in stash) that will be a cowl for me. I wear my hair up most of the time (I am a librarian, after all, so it's part of the dress code). A hat is therefore out of the question. A cowl I can pull over my head and ears is what I'm after and this technique is so compact with none of those messy scarf ends dangling in the breeze. It also makes one feel ever so clever knitting it.

It was edge of the seat knitting. I've never seen one in the flesh, so to speak, nor seen anyone knit one, so I was knitting blind and loving it. I have rediscovered my joie de tricot!

Continued right away - Blogger won't let me add more photos.

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larissa said...

That looks great - I've never seen a moebius in the flesh either. I'm definitely keen to give one a go after seeing yours.