Friday, June 16, 2006

Lunatics / asylum ....

Apparently the disguise of mild-mannered librarian is working or I was sicker than I thought.

Had to wait for a prescription yesterday (thank heaven for Marie Curie and all her kind) so chose to wait at the dreaded Stitch 'n' Time. Hey, it's a wool shop 10 metres from the chemist, it was reasonable. Anyway, the little English woman was there on her own yesterday and serving a customer when I staggered in. I was cruising the bookshelf (2 Nicky Epstein - not the most recent, and a good book on felted knits) when the other customer left and our friendly assistant looked pleadingly at me and asked if I'd mind the shop while she popped out for a coffee.

For 3 minutes yesterday morning I reached Nirvana.


Thanks to all of you for your good wishes. The drugs are kicking in and I'm heading back to work today. Still snuffling and hacking, but am more awake.


ferg said...

Did you tidy it up much?
Cheers Gillian

Bells said...

Why does everyone hate Stitch n Time? I like it better than the place in Manuka. I get something vaguely friendly out of SnT people, but nothing at Manuka.

And hey, she let you mind the shop!! How cool is that?

Jejune said...

Wow, you got to mind the shop! Totally awesome, knit chick :)

Hmmm - I don't think we *hate* Stitch'n Time, it's just we have these really weird experiences there... and it could be so much more. I know I get serious shop envy when I see yarn shops with cafes, reading corners, classes, knitting evenings with live music, Stitch'n Bitch sessions, racks of books, cool web sites etc etc.