Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tagged: Seven Things Part I

Gillian tagged me with a meme ages ago. I hate these things, but in the interests of a more regular blog update that isn't devoted entirely to "I knitted two rounds of the sock..." which is about all I'm doing at the moment, I give you Part I of Seven Things.

in no particular order

On a side note - if anyone sees DVDs of any of these, please let me know.

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Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

With the comments following my Galah wool "disaster", I will have to do the socks LOL.
My Mum had a pet galah that was only young when it broke its wing,It used to chew the pages of her book when she was having an afternoon read!
I had a hand raised zebra finch that was chucked out of the nest( it fit on a teaspoon) by feuding adults(wild ones) and he used to make nests in the pot plants but never associated with the other birds......