Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Seven Things Parts 2 & 3

Yes, I did knit the green opal sock monogamously today thank you very much and I am at the black hole stage. Apparently my foot is static. I'm thinking amputation is an option here.


  1. Bugger it!
  2. Two minutes, I'll be there in two minutes.
  3. While you're up...
  4. Just one more row
  5. How's it going?
  6. Drink o'clock (I know, cringe-making!)
  7. Were you good today? (Peggy's almost always good, but I like to ask)

SEVEN THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE (and the act depicted to the left is not one of them)

  1. 1. Finish a knitted sock
  2. 2. Complete
  3. 3. one
  4. 4. of
  5. 5. these
  6. 6. bloody
  7. 7. lists

Because I couldn't find a suitable image for this post, I stole this one from The Deli.


Bells said...

I often think there is room for me to say 'bugger it' more in life.

donnac368 said...

I had to go all the way to Australia (via blogging) to find out about "The Deli"! Thanks, and thanks for the funny pic.