Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bally Brilliant

Bally Sandals
1pm, Front Porch, Pearce

1pm, Front Porch, Pearce

I paid the ransom on these shoes at my local Salvos this morning. Today was meant to be deposit only day but at a whopping $2 a pair I had to make a withdrawal as well.

The Bally sandals are ideal in every way. I have a great deal of difficulty getting summer shoes to fit my broad feet. These fit and are lovely. They only allow the smallest glimpse of toe and they are perfectly flat. They have also recently had new heels. No further expenditure required apart from a bit of polish.

The RM Williams boots also fit absolutely perfectly and have been worn in very well. The elastic is still firm (what I need to support that ankle which never fully recovered from the break 2 years ago). They do require new heels and a very good polish, but as a pair of black RM Williams boots was on my list of things I would like to buy this year if I've been very good and if I managed to save up some "silly money ", I could hardly leave them behind.

PS. edited 7.30 pm to say that I had to pop out to visit a friend late this arvo and dropped off two pairs of shoes to another op-shop. Two pairs in, two pairs out. Excellent net result.

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knitabulous said...

You gotta love the bargain designer shoe find. And what a bargain!