Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Merino Madness - Announcement

For the first time in Canberra, the Great Southern Supreme Merino Show and Sale is on this weekend Sat 20-Mon 22 Jan at Exhibition Park in Canberra (the Showground). Map downloadable from here .

There will be 300 quality sheep on display Saturday and Sunday and on Monday 120 rams will be sold.

Throughout the weekend in the Mallee Pavilion there will be opportunities to learn about Merino sheep and wool, how to felt, weave and knit in an interactive area, as well as stash enhancement opportunities.

All knitters are invited to come along and knit in the Mallee Pavilion. I'm sure spinners and weavers are also welcome and intend taking my trusty Kiwi on one of the days. Saturday 12-5, Sunday 9-5, Monday 9-2.

You'll need to bring a chair to sit on and your knitting, spinning or weaving. Food is available in the nearby Fitzroy Pavilion and a coffee machine is in the Mallee Pavilion.

Some of the knitters from Canberra Stitch & Bitch and also from the Canberra Mothercraft Society knitting group will be there. We'd love to see others.

Image courtesy of the fine people at The Canberra Times.


Bells said...

I'm very keen to go! Will hopefully be there Saturday afternoon, or late morning, or something.

happyspider said...

see you sunday, yyeeeeahhhhaaaaarr!!

Taphophile said...

Excellent, look forward to seeing you both. You want me to collect you at sparrow's on Sunday, Spidey?

Barb said...

Sounds delightful. Enjoy! Hope we'll see some pictures?

happyspider said...

/insert confused smile

Taphophile said...

Yes, Barb, I promise photos (scurries off to charge up some batteries).

Spidey - Sparrow's Fart, ie early morning. ;)

happyspider said...

LOL did i just out myself as an under 30?
sounds good :) see you then

Taphophile said...

Now I refrained from making ageist remarks you young whipper-snapper. See you 8.30am Sunday. :)