Friday, January 05, 2007

Have you any dirty washing, mother dear?

The fact that I had to go back to World War II for a popular song reference to washing (laundry for my North American friends) means there's a real gap in the market for domestic pop tunes, I reckon.

Here's what's on my line at the moment.

Hand dyed 2ply baby wool. The Happy Spider dyed it for me - she's very talented, you should buy her stuff when she lists it on e-Bay (none there now, but it's only a matter of time) .

This is meant to be for baby stash items. Would the babies really appreciate it? Would they know the difference between vintage Shepherd 2ply wool and Bendy baby nylon? That I'm coming up with names like Tequila Sunrise and Lime Spider probably tells you which way I'm leaning right now.


Sheep Rustler said...

Lace, not babies. Not that I don't think babies don't deserve nice colours (when mine were little they were dressed in lucious colours) but I can just see those as lace. Gorgeous colours. I haven't done any dyeing in ages, must do some again.

Loved your two short scarves too, i like short scarves.

Jejune said...

Oooh pretty. Definitely lace. Babies will just puke up on it.

HDW said...

LMBO at previos comment, but she's absolutely right!! Take it from someone with 3 babies they WILL indeed just puke on it!!! My how beautiful that Tequila colorway is!!! LOVE IT!!! -HDW from BGK yahoo group

Bells said...

I'm gonna say lace, too. I know the pull to make beautiful things for babies, and I've even done it, but Spidey's stuff is so lovely, it needs a grown up to appreciate it.

happyspider said...

i think it was 4-ply actually... but yeah, lace is a good idea. so glad you like it :)