Monday, January 08, 2007

Taph the Stash Slayer

8am, ACT Heritage Library, Canberra

Got some seriously odd looks walking to work this morning. What is so strange about a woman walking and knitting a beanie? Nothing. Then I caught my reflection in a window. The 15mm needles sticking out the top of my backpack would look pretty strange, if not downright menacing, to the Buffy generation.

Time Thief Watch Cap 2007.02
7am, Herb Garden, Pearce

All out of the usual 12ply, so I've started on the 8ply stash. Slower to knit and I've had to rejig the pattern, but it still serves the purpose. Not so sure about the decreases in this version - will have to play with the pattern some more.


Bells said...

You are seriously busting some stash Taph! I'm inspired. Your hats are gorgeous!

And yes I think the big fat needles are as daunting to some as the itty bitty ones we use for socks.

Jejune said...

If you use bamboo needles, will they kill evil feather yarn? You just need to stab it through the heart...

Lovely beanies, Taph - are these going to a particular charity, or becoming Gift Stash, or something else?

Sheep Rustler said...

Love the starfish look of the top of that one.

And as for carrying a couple of Mr Pointys around - well, you never know when you might need them!

Taphophile said...

Feathers yarn is completely heartless - there is no known killer.

More hats for the homeless, Jejune. Haven't started the hats for the TASDA raffle yet.

E said...

As a devoted Buffy fan, I love the idea of a stash slayer! Great hat :)