Monday, April 16, 2007

The child is mother to the woman

As one ages, one expects to take on somewhat of a parenting role to one's parents. This is the way of the world.

One does, however, expect that to be something in the nature of helping with household chores, ferrying to doctor appointments and choosing the high security facility nursing home. One does not expect it to include stash supply

Large amount of vintage 8ply, some very nice handpainted 8ply, my spare knitting bag, my spare knitting accessory kit and 8 pairs of completed Voodoo wrist warmers.

Mum halfway up VWW pair 9, no. 2

or in the case of today - loan of my car so Mum could go the the gym!

I'm very pleased that Mum is feeling so well and strong that she is knitting again, and has her driving license back.

Really, I am delighted she's rediscovering the joy knitting and I'm around to share it (and my stash) with with her. It's just wonderful sitting on the back verandah in the sun with a cup of tea and the dogs and hearing her exclaim over the variegated yarn "oooh look, another stripe" and "I don't think I can give these ones away" and "do you have any more of this wool, it's so much fun".

My car, though, that's another matter ... Canberra suburban buses are not place to try and knit.


amanda j said...

Your mum must be a bit like mine. It is never enough to make just one of something! Everything has to be done again, and again and again!

I supplied mine with some 2.25 dpns and a couple of balls of Patonyle, but it hasn't stuck yet!

kms said...

now that your mum is mobile and there are all those yarn stores and op shops to visit, you could explain the concept of the swaps basket to her!

Bells said...

oh how lovely! I'm so with your mum - look, another stripe!!!

isn't that what it's all about?

Great to hear your mum is doing so well Taph!

Kate said...

Going to the gym!?! It's great that your mum's doing so well; who would have thought after last Christmas? As for the repetitive knitting thing, I used to think it's a generational thing but then I remind myself of how many TTWC you've managed to churn out. Perhaps it's a learnt trait? The trickiest thing about bus knitting in Canberra is picking an object that hasn't got long rows - jumpers are out because I always had to sit at the interchange to finish the row before I walked off to work!

Sue H said...

I took my needles and lots of yarn to Echuca in an effort to re-introduce my mum to knitting, to no avail. I did however give her a dishcloth. lol

Olivia said...

Bus knitting really depends on the luck of getting the non-insane bus drivers. The ones that don't feel compelled to put their foot to the floor heading for a red light or the next bus stop.

Glad to hear your mum is doing so well, and so enthused about knitting.

Margie said...

I'm really glad to hear your mum's
doing so well.

It is funny teaching your mum stuff - I taught my mum how to make earrings the other weekend and she had CoMplEtely different ideas about what looked good from what I liked. And she was wearing the ones she made today when we had lunch. Cool!

Jejune said...

Amazed that your mum is going so well - driving even! And the GYM?! You may need to change the locks on your car... ;)

Great that she's enjoying knitting again too, even if the wool is naturally flowing into her house through yarn osmosis (from insanely high concentration to low ;) ... clearly she needs to stock up!

Donna said...

Get her right into it, then she'll develop her own stash and repay the favour ;)

Susan said...

more power to your Mum!! She sounds wonderful.

Ginger_nut said...

Hi Taph -

I have an offer to replenish your stash - I bought some old cleckheaton double and triple knitting yarn (8ply and 12ply equivelant I think) on ebay and I haven't got a use. You and your mum seem to be burnign through the stuff, so say the word and it's yours. I also have a metric shipload of maroon 8ply if your interested. I am pretty sure it's wool. Also yours if you still need it. Drop me an email (or if you don't still have that leave me a comment and we'll sort it out)