Sunday, April 08, 2007

That 70s scarf

Sometimes the Muse of Knitting likes to take you by the hand, inspires you to greatness and laughs her head off when you fall on your knitterly arse.

Behold - That 70s Scarf.
It started innocently enough.

The beige colour is a thick and thin single plied against a beige thread so it's all bumpy. To call it beige is to actually give it a colour but it is beautifully soft and squishy. It came from the Salvos Tuggeranong as a partial ball still attached to a very scary would-be scarf knitted on needles far to small for the job. Unravelled and reballed, it was 100g and the two balls sat on the bookcase for a couple of months looking beigely pathetic and in search of a contrast colour to show of its soft and squishy loveliness. For a couple of weeks it has been calling to me whenever I cast a glance its way - "Turquoise, Taph. I need turquoise".

Pushy bloody wool. There is no turquoise wool in stash and I'm not going to buy wool just to keep 100g of an op-shop reject happy.

Enter Spidey. Spidey turned up to SnB on Thursday night with a cone of very harsh single in a gorgeous tone somewhere between teal and turquoise. One look at my face as she handed it to me and she whispered "It doesn't have to be for beanies if you like it". Knows me well, does that Spidey.

It was way too harsh for a beanie. This is wool made for a more industrial purpose, perhaps carpeting and really shouldn't be worn next to the skin. It was the perfect contrast colour for old beigey, though, and when I put the cone next to the beige balls on the bookcase a chorus of angels sang.

When the cone was put on the lounge while I made a cup of tea, Peggy gave her approval as well.

"My Yarn"

"What? I was only minding it."

Which is how I came, on Good Friday with several WIPs clamouring for attention, to cave in to the Muse of Knitting and create the cat yak that is That 70s Scarf.

It's a gentle curly-whirly style and I opted for lots of open work on 12mm needles to try and lift the heaviness of the yarn. What I created looks like something cr****ted in the 70s by my grandmother.

I will, however, wear this. Not so much as a punishment to myself but I'm hoping a muggle will admire it so I can appear all gracious and generous as I thrust it at them and run away.


happyspider said...

heee hee hee hee

2paw said...

Oh, Peggy is so cute!! What a darling!! I like your idea of a scarf 'unmugging'!!!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Botyher. If yopu'd only said -= I have two hanks of 8 ply turquise which I've only just wound into balls and have no idea what to do with.

Never mind. It's only April. Still dealing with stash that arrived last year (I'm a beginner at this stash stuff, OK?) At this rate the turquise will declare its true being in about 6-12 months...

The Shopping Sherpa said...

"Botyher."?! "yopu'd"?!

I must be thinker than I drunk I am.

Which may explain the sudden urge I've had to knit cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

I love a "peggy cameo". Just perfect.

What I also love is that the Muse of Knitting has a wicked sense of humour :)

Jejune said...

Keep an eye on that dog, she'll be into the Cashmere before you know it!

I must admit my first thought when I saw the scarf was 'I don't believe it! Taph has cr*****ed?! It's a world gone topsy-turvy!" (Apologies to Bernard Black)