Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Men are from ...

Mars is far too close to be where they are from and I'll tell you for why.

My parents have been married 42 years. For the first 30 of those years, Mum made Dad at least one jumper or cardie every single year. My entire childhood, the woman had needles in her hands.

You will all be aware that she has recently taken knitting up again with enthusiasm and is churning through my (she's started calling it "our") stash at a fair clip.

This morning Dad indicated the basket of 8ply in the corner and asked Mum as she was working on a wrist warmer -
"When do you think you'll be finished all that knitting?"

Mum and I are heading out of town tomorrow to visit her mother in Leeton, and also to meet up with Kate in Wagga Wagga.
I think it's really a ploy to torture me. Many, many hours of driving through rural NSW with Mum knitting in passenger seat. Inhuman!
There will be S.E.X. and I'll be doing a little research for the planned fibre freak day trips from Canberra routes we'd like to put up on Canberra Knitters.
Speaking of which blog, Jejune and Bells are keen to have a International KIP Day event (9 June). My suggestion of knit naked day was not enthusiastically taken up, but if you have better ideas, they'd love to hear them.


Bells said...

Taph, you are most welcome to a knit naked day. Go right ahead. You'll be on your own, my dear. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Taph, Leeton = my old stomping ground....I grew up at Stanbridge.
Have a safe (and fun) trip. Talk when you get back :-)

Jejune said...

Hope you have a wonderful and safe journey, despite the taunting of a knitting passenger ;)

And as for your dad - K! He hasn't got a clue, has he?

Sue H said...

I think men are really from Alpha Centauri, neither my dad nor my husband would have any idea about knitting. My MOTH just leaves me to it and doesn't question me about the knitting or the yarn stash.