Friday, April 06, 2007


GREAT SnB last night. A shout out to our interstate visitors Ceri and Denise from Tasmania and Ginger Nut from Sydney and our newest member, the Caffeine Faerie. We quite literally took half the available space at Starbucks.

Ceri brought this as her contribution to the hats for the homeless-athon. Thank you. It will feature in a beanie sometime soon. :) I've never seen 12 ply Totem before. Gorgeous navy crepe.

Jejune brought another TTWC in a lovely pink variegated Patons Jet. Here it is posing with the last of the roses. This brings our beanie count from the Harlot Happening to 29 and we're expecting one more from interstate.

Bells, in her excitement at receiving gorgeous yarn, forgot her knitting last night, so she worked on this TTWC.

It is 2007.28

It joins 2007.29

and 2007.30-31 (trust me, there are two of these and I don't need a separate photo of both)

I set a goal of 26 beanies for this year so that target has been blitzed. They will continue to be produced, though. Latest figures on the Canberra homeless population - approximately 12,000. That's a lot of cold and hungry people in the nation's capital.

The virus has departed but has left its little friend lethargy behind. Hoping a rest this weekend will do the trick to restore some joie de vie. Thanks to everyone for their health-giving wishes. I completed as scarfy thing today but it's too dark to photograph adequately now.


Jejune said...

Oooh that's my hat! Nice to see it with roses in your garden :)

Those homeless figures are truly horrifying - I thought it was more like 600? Mind you, with the rental market being what it is, I wouldn't be at all surprised at a much higher figure. I get so mad about the 'Live in Canberra' campaign - live WHERE exactly?

Yes, SnB was really wonderful last night - new faces, old friends, lots of knitting! And tea at Starbucks is the cheapest drink - $1.95 for a cup.

Glad you're on the mend - hope you have a lovely restful weekend - with CHOCOLATE.

Kate said...

So between us it seems like we probably wouldn't have managed to get together next week either! Rest up this weekend and know that you're in fine company (meaning me of course!). The little one sends a cheery kick and wriggle your way : )

Taphophile said...

Oh Kate, how lovely that she's commenting on blogs already ;).

Hope you're getting the rest you both need.

I'm taking Mum to Leeton later in the month. If we detour via Wagga will you come have a coffee with us?

Margie said...

So you've blizted your target for the year and it's only April?! Well done! :D

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. Hopefully some chocolate eating this weekend will help! xx

Bells said...

ooh! You finished the blue one I was working on. I'm glad to have played a part!