Saturday, April 07, 2007

Charity begins at home

Mum recently experienced knit-envy.

After the fun of the Harlot Happening, and hearing how well received the hats were, Mum decided she needed in. She also decided that what the homeless really need are fingerless gloves. She could probably manage fingerless gloves, but a whole beanie was too much. Yes, I know, it's about the same amount of work etc, but it's much easier if you accept her reasoning and go along with it.

So I left her with the Voodoo Wristwarmer pattern, my completed black ones, a set of 3.75mm dpns, and what was left of this jumper, which St V de P made available for $1 and which was reclaimed last October.
The jumper yielded 683g of what I have since discovered was this yarn.

I had already made 4 TTWCs from it but Mum had admired the wool as I was making them, so I knew she'd enjoy knitting with it. She has finished three pairs of Voodoo Wrist Warmers from it. There is about 30g of the yarn left. Not bad for a buck.

Meanwhile, the grandchildren discovered the wrist warmers and requested a set each and did I have any maroon 8ply to match the girls' school uniforms? The only maroon in stash was 400g of vintage crepe which I confess to only reluctantly surrendering. My reluctance was duly noted by the Yarn Goddesses and resulted in my black wrist warmers being claimed by my nephew because he didn't want maroon ones.

Now I've lost my wrist warmers and all of the maroon crepe because it was so nice to knit with Mum is keeping it. She has also requested more 8ply. All of you currently supporting the yarn habits of your children take heart - eventually you get your own, and their stash, back. ;)

TTWC 2007.32


Bells said...

your capacity for thrifty knitting inspires me Taph! Well done to you and your mum!

Taphophile said...

Cheers, Bells.

Mum taught me a lot about thrifty knitting. Most of my childhood jumpers were reworked op-shop finds, only I didn't know it at the time. Mum made most of my clothes from op-shop rejects. The pattern was set at an early age.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Let me know if your 8 ply stash is looking low - I'll add 8 ply to the 12 ply I keep an eye out for while op shopping...

Jejune said...

You are the undisputed Queen of Op Shopping! Good to see your mum is knitting, even if it does mean she's raiding your stash... Just bury your Core Stash somewhere deep and secret!

Glad to know I may one day be able to raid Dotter's stash in justified retaliation... the thought will keep me going in these dark days ;)