Friday, April 20, 2007

It's a dirty job...

I have a terrible job. Twice a year I am forced to the Lifeline Bookfair to buy bargain priced books for the collection. You all know how much I hate bargain shopping and books ;) .

Yesterday Dad came, too. He has very painful gout in his elbow (because he spent a long weekend in Melbourne with his mates and cousins eating the wrong foods and not drinking water) but insists on doing physical labour. This little outing, ostensibly to keep me company, made sure he wouldn't do any digging, mowing or downpipe clearing at least for today. He is really pissed off that he spent more money than I did! Ha - I win in the thrifty stakes - a game he's been playing for a VERY long time.

In between shovelling stuff into my trolley for work, I managed to fit in a little browsing of the handcraft section - well it was on my way from the "Canberra" table to the bulk purchases room - it would have been wrong not too look. It was great. A group of 10 women all fighting to get a look in, but with some dignity and generosity. Those there when I was all kept an eye out for the lady who was after cr***t (poor misguided soul), and the one after lace, and the one after cross-stitch. We handed books up and down the line. I believe it was cut-throat over at Sci-Fi. I managed to stifle my "Eureka" when I found Interweave's reprint of the Weldon's Practical Needlework in mint condition for $3. One woman, when she spotted it disappearing into my bag, said I was a "lucky fish". Yup!

Oh, we got a goodly haul for work as well - lots of stuff we needed and some stuff as second copies - all in all a pretty good morning's work.

The Shopping Sherpa was also spotted lurking by the fiction. Hope yours was a good haul, too, TSS.

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