Sunday, December 04, 2005

Clapped Out.

My resolution for this week - STOP READING KNITTING BLOGS.

I'm so sick of seeing Clapotis in various shades and states of completion that I may well scream if another one hoves into view. I love Knitty as much as the next obsessed knitter, but do bloggers read anything else? Clapotis is everywhere. It's like a virus. OK, rant over.

Much progress on the London Baby's cabled jumper. As I am substituting yarn (whenever do I not?) I was unsure if I'd have enough to finish the job. Turns out there's plenty, so will probably do a hat as well. It's a tres easy pattern and quick to do. Did heaps last night waiting for the Chinese takeaway to arrive. Does anyone else think 1.5 hours is a long time to wait? Was lovely when we got it, but 9pm is rather late to be eating. Particularly late when I hadn't had breakfast yet!

Did even more this afternoon at Mum's. Went up to watch the Hockey championship matches with her. Fantastic match between China and Argentina for the bronze medal (Argentina won). Not so good match between Australia and the Netherlands for the gold. Both matches were draws and went to extra time and penalty strokes. Luckily I was using bamboo needles. If they'd been plastic, I'm sure I would have snapped them I was gripping so tightly at times. The Netherlands won in the end and it was the right result. The young Australians played well but don't have the experience or maturity yet to take the Netherlands in a grand final. Bodes well for the Commonwealth Games and the Beijing Olympics, though.

Should have the front and back of the London Baby jumper tomorrow and will start the sleeves tomorrow morning as my portable knitting.

It's probably time to prioritise the next few projects as well. I'll do that tomorrow, as I'm a bit weary now.


happyspider said...

i'm sorry!! if its any consolation, im not supposed to be knitting for myself right now so i will probably be in denial and not take photos of clapotis...
finished sock 1 and have started second to avoid SSS.
Oh... and was in Tilba on the weekend and bought some alpaca wool... do you think that will jinx my spinning wheel situation?

Taphophile said...

Yours is lovely, happyspider, it's just they are EVERYWHERE!

Finished the sock already - well done. You aren't allowed SSS, aren't they are Christmas present?

Alpaca fleece is an investment, not a jinx - fingers crossed anyway.