Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ask and ye shall receive

Was it only yesterday that I was anticipating a new Vogue International in a cruel post aimed at those D&G funsters?

It was .

Today in the newsagency there it was - the Winter VI. It was an omen that the self-imposed knit-mag diet was over (that and it was pay day).

Other signs were

  1. I quite like this (although without the I-cord loopy bits at the end - who has the Nicky Epstien book and may I borrow it?)
  2. It is upsizable with no maths required (although changing the edging kind of negates this omen)
  3. The prescribed yarn wool, NZ "Naturally" Possum and Merino, is sitting in stash.
  4. There is neither too little of it to tempt those harpies, the yarn goddesses, nor too much of it to think knitting this out of that much wool is a waste
  5. I have the correct needle in the shed well appointed knitting studio.
  6. I am almost finished "Big Red" - the top down scarlet baby jacket and ready for a new portable project (not that this will be portable for long, but for long enough).

I also want to knit this one because

  1. It will fit
  2. it is a rectangle with two sleeves added
  3. it's an interesting but not particularly difficult pattern
  4. it looks like chocolate


Looking further at this image and the pattern I'm not at all sure about it. See how the edge on the left is all scallopy and the edge on the right not so much? That's because it's a rectangle knitted from the edge on the right. I'd be really peeved to finish this and not have matching fronts. Really, to do this successfully, I'd have to knit from both ends and graft the middle. Bugger that for a game of soldiers.


happyspider said...

i got this mag today too!!! LOVE the chocolate (and yes, the edging on the scarfy thing is tres bizarre)
...just bought a book called textured knits too... (look away look away)

Taphophile said...

Another book? Well done :).

Thanks for volunteer email - Yahoo playing up ATM. Will pass details on tomorrow.

Sheep Rustler said...

I also bought it yesterday - a vision of descending locusts come to mind! I also liked those two patterns. I actually have the Nicki Epstein book but as I'm in Melbourne that isn't going to do you much good, sadly! I thoroughly recommend it (both of them, actually) if you like designing your own stuff at all. I also love her embellishments book and there is a new flowers book on the way out soon. Yes, I love fiddly bits, I admit it!

Taphophile said...

Locusts gobbling up our yarn diet! Someone in our SnB has the Epsteins, just can't remember who, and no-one in Canberra sells it. Saw the flowers book on one of the online shops - looks lovely.

Jejune said...

Jordan has the Knitting on the Edge (over the Edge? The latest one...), I'm pretty sure.

Those two designs are lovely - I look forward to drooling all over, no no, I mean reading your copies of Vogue at our next SnB.

It's about time you found a project which you have all the yarn for - after all, there is a FAIR BIT to choose from ;) LOL!

melissa said...

I buy the Vogue Knitting mag for a bit of a giggle ..esp this issue .
Its so gloriously hideous ..mostly ,with a few dull, shining jewels hidden through out ..i quite like the 16th pattern ..(your second choice ),not sure I'd knit and wear it but, I like it .
I think #32 ,,21 and 3 are fabulously bad ...!