Wednesday, February 08, 2006

FO: Big School Curly Whirly Scarf

IT'S FINISHED - the Curly Whirly is finished!

Only 3 days late, but it's finished! Looks great, too (if I do say so myself).

Vital Statistics

MATERIALS: 60g Sirdar Courtelle 8ply (ancient)
EQUIPMENT: 6mm Aero metal 80cm circ; 6mm "Naturally" bamboo 80cm circ; 2 x 4.5mm pink plastic 30cm dpns (I needed the extra length and tensions isn't that important). I would recommend 3 x 80cm dpns to anyone contemplating this technique.
PATTERN: Cast on 150sts. Row 1 increase in each stitch by knitting into back then front of each stitch. Row 2 knit. Rows 3 & 5 (as row 1). Rows 4 & 6 (as row 2). Cast off.
If I did this again (heaven forfend!), I'd knit two rows between each increase row to give a little bit of leeway on the needles. C****t would definitely be easier for this "pattern".
LENGTH: 130cm. Less a scarf, more a thick curly necklace.
RECIPIENT: Maree to celebrate Luke's first (4th actually, but who's counting) day at Big School.

Photo by Jejune. Many thanks. :)

Thanks to all for your kind comments about Peggy. She has some effective doggy pain killers and is going a bit stir crazy, but seems fine otherwise.

Spidey, thanks for the offer of a care package, very grateful to you but casserole not necessary - I may have overstated the case somewhat. Let's just say that "extras" are out. And, yes, Cathy, it will be a good time to finish a thing or two :)

Oh, and my yarn swift arrived today! The lovely woman who delivers parcels also offered to drop large parcels (like specially ordered needles) at my parents' house, just around the corner. Isn't that sweet?


happyspider said...

hooray for the swift! (you wont need me anymore boo hoo hoo)

Taphophile said...

May not need your swift, Spidey, but I'd like to keep you around anyway :)