Thursday, February 02, 2006

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Ah, Spidey - you're a loyal soul.

Surely $5 is cheap to spend an evening in guilt free knitting and gossip!

Also, tea & coffee & bikkies included. I spend more than that on drinks etc at Starbucks.

Kambah is closer than Civic for me.

This one is for any handcrafts and the shop does stock some knitting supplies. We have to convince SOMEONE in this town to stock bamboo circs and dpns on a regular basis.

Other handcrafters will get to know of SnB - I will take our flyers!

Think of it as me making a sacrifice of time and money to ensure regular supplies of our favourite substances of addiction and the equipment necessary for its consumption ;).

I'm a knitting love bucket - the more I give out, the more room there is for more knitting love in the bucket. Much nicer image than that of SnB slut!

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