Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stuck Up

The parlour windowsill is chokka with knitting needles. Two and a half hours this morning was spent sorting through the knitting needle collection. Result - 7 coffee jars full of needles in nice neat pairs waiting to be adopted.

I started off allowing myself two pairs of each size in each length, but will admit to keeping a four pairs in some sizes and lengths. I exempted from this process, any bamboo or particularly lovely needles, or needles with a sentimental value. Consequently there are not as many needles in the jars as probably should be, but it's hard to let go all at once. I've been collecting needles for a VERY long time and it's not like they take up too much room. I have an old timber library card catalogue cabinet which holds my needles and other notions and it's by no means full. :)

However, there are still about 80 pairs of needles that need new homes. Mes amigas, when you come tomorrow, please bring your needle lists. If someone could bring a camera, that would be grand, too. My camera and my computer are still not on speaking terms and this blog is looking a tad dull.


happyspider said...

I HAD my camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jejune said...

And I had mine too, and completely forgot to actually USE it - apologies! And there was all that gorgeous dyed sock yarn drying on the front verandah... bugger.

We'll just have to stage an action reply - dye more wool, knit some more, read more funny things, have another yummy lunch - sigh - the things we have to suffer, I don't know...

happyspider said...

oh no! not that!!! anything but that!!!!!!

i'll bring the chocolate shall i?

Taphophile said...

Chocolate works for me :)