Friday, February 24, 2006

Book du jour

There is a glut of knit-induced publishing at the moment. Here, in the Taphophile Vault of Ancient Knit Literature, is this little gem.

Great instructions if you want to start your own religion or c*****t a tennis racket (warning, pattern calls for disembowelling cats, not necessarily something I'm against, but some readers may be squeamish. You can test your level of squeamishness here, which actually looks like cat viscera anyway).

Back to the pattern for knitting your own skyscraper, it's a hoot. There is a Bahaus version for beginners and a more deco version for the advanced knitter in search of a challenge. Under "Tension" :

We believe this to be inevitable if you are to tackle this project with any degree of seriousness, but if it gets too much, try unwinding with a stiff drink in a hot bath.

I'll bring it to the next SnB.


Jejune said...

I can't wait to see it - look like a hoot!

How about a knitted ocean liner... that quote from 'Ripping Yarns' comes to mind :

"It's not a model, Simpson, if it's 1:1! Dismantle that thing immediately!"

Taphophile said...

My dear, the Taphophile Vault of Ancient Knit Literature has extensive space for all media. Must try and find the Ripping Yarns DVDs.