Sunday, February 05, 2006

Curly Whirly - hurly (across the room)

Now I may be doing something wrong, but the Curly Whirly scarves are NOT the easy knitting they have been lauded as. Well the knitting is easy but the process is PAINFUL.

Short of a portable project (again) to take to SnB on Thursday, I cast on 150 stitches of a variegated, not quite boucle, 8ply courtelle acrylic that's been maturing in the stash for some time. It has survived several ack-rylic cleansing programmes because I love the colours. An olive base with orange, raspberry and lemon (that's it, she says having a light-bulb moment - it's because of the food!) scattered lightly through. Yes, I will photograph it.

Anyway, cast on 150st on a 5mm x 80cm circ. Actually, cast on twice. Note: Cast on LOOSELY for a Curly Whirly. Did the first increase row, the first knit row and took it to SnB. The next increase and knit rows took the entire evening. By this time, too many stitches on the needle but I persevered with the next increase row. The stitches were barely moving along the needle because there were too many of them and because the increase row makes each stitch quite tight. Acrylic at that tension burns the fingers and my arms ache from pushing the stitches along the needle and stretching the yarn to do the increases. It took me 2 days to do this increase row. Granted, I had to buy another 5mm x 80cm needle and that took two goes because I forgot my list and bought a 6mm the first time, but still, it's a long time.

I now have 1200 stitches on two needles and it doesn't look very wide. This is going to be one skinny scarf. What I really need is a 150cm circ, but you can't buy them in Canberra and it needs to be finished today because it is a gift for a friend who's eldest starts big school tomorrow.

Tell you what, though, when next I'm tempted to try a Curly Whirly, it will be one of these.


Jejune said...

There is a WHOLE BOG for Curly Whirly scarves? This is a sub-culture I have been hitherto blissfully unaware of... I'm not sure whether to be thankful or not!

Good idea on the chocolate variety. MUCH easier. And yummier ;)

Sheep Rustler said...

They are easier to crochet because you don't have the million stitches on the needle at the same time. I did knit one, and thought I would be clever and cast on the million stitches first and then do decrease rows. So I cast on 500-odd stitches in a pretty hand-dyed laceweight, and knitted away. Result, one rather pretty collar - estimation of appropriate number of stitches was vastly WRONG!!! Definitely easier to crochet.

happyspider said...

ooh yes, chocolate is the obvious conversion. why knit maddeningly boring and squeaky scarves when you can eat chocolate?
also, i am just at the heel of the cable rib sock and will hopefully post instructions tonight, but as the yarn is muted tones you might not be able to see very well. i will save the McDs socks til sunday just in case ^_^

Taphophile said...

C*****t did cross my mind, but only fleetingly. It would definitely be easier than knitting though.

Shame about your laceweight, sheep rustler, hope the collar is useable. :)

Taphophile said...
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