Saturday, March 18, 2006

Can you believe I've done this?

It's Saturday night, it's been a rough day, I'm tired and had perhaps a soupcon too much white wine, but I've signed up for this.

Judy, the Sheep Rustler, is doing it and pointed me in the direction. Given how much I've spent on yarn etc in the last couple of months (and you don't know what I bought today), I'm declaring April* a yarn and knitting accessory spending free zone.

I stole the image from Whip Up. It's lovely.

Wish me luck and don't lecture me - trust me, it's the best way of making me crack.

* except for during Royal Easter Show, but I will practice restraint. Promise.


Sheep Rustler said...

Good luck! I'm already panicking at the thought and wondering how much stuff I should buy before the end of March!!!

Jejune said...


Where am I? What sort of crazy topsy turvy world is this?

Taph is going to NOT BUY YARN or NEEDLES or ANYTHING ELSE KNITTY for a WHOLE MONTH? This should be interesting!

For solidarity, I shall join you, especially since I just won six lovely sets of Ivoré DPNs on eBay, and can rest on my laurels ;)

Taphophile said...

Thanks, Jejune, you're a pal. :)