Thursday, March 02, 2006

Baby Bitch

Tonight's baby SnB was great fun. Yes, they always are, but it was lovely having an intimate gathering after our megabitches of the last couple of months. Just the 7 of us and one newbie *waves at Knittydoll*, and all bar one, knit-bloggers.

We had no FO celebrations tonight, but Irene came close with the sideways scarf.

I did have an FO today though. The red baby jacket is done and on its way to baby Penelope in Brisbane. Here's the whole thing and a close up because I love the little triangular buttons.

Vital Statistics:

Knitted in 3 ply Bendigo baby nylon, about 100g. Size to 12mos.
Knitted on bamboo 3mm circular needle, top down. The only sewing up was the sleeves and sewing on the buttons. No sweat.

If you think taking a full fortnight to knit this is a slow process, please be aware that I knitted from the sleeves down at traffic lights and while walking around shopping, standing in queues etc, and through one staff meeting. I had to restrain myself from sitting at home and finish it in an evening so that I would have no-brain knitting for walking around shopping, standing in queues for sushi and staff meetings. I'm doing another in a pale aqua and will probably do another red one as well. The push is on to deplete the baby stash.

I'm about to add photos to some previous blogs. So for shots of the Butch Hats click here and here, the little brown teacosy here and the twins' kaleidoscope bracelets here.


Kate said...

Lovely stuff! I'm hoping that my matinee jacket will be postable in the not too distant future.

Re your cone habit, er yarn habit. Ta for the flowers re my innocent advice about coming up for air but I don't know that I want to be culpable for all the yarn you're collecting! I actually meant come up for air from the crowded stash and knit it!!!

Jejune said...

So glad Thursday night was so enjoyable รข€” I'm bummed I had to miss it... Othlon had a wonderful time, though, came home positively beaming :)

The baby cardy is gorgeous, of course - you certainly are a bad ass knitter - knitting at the trraffic lights indeed! And while walking around the mall - LOL! Now staff meetings - THAT I can understand ;)