Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A nice dry red

A while ago we discussed whether it was acceptable to knit at table. The concensus among the knitters was only if it matched the menu. Non-knitters also expressed concern of knitting stainage. Here is a baby jacket, knitted top down, taken a week or so ago at my twin nieces' birthday dinner. There is a glass of red behind that knitting and I had just ordered a rare steak, so it's ok.

This garment will be finished in about 10 minutes time. An almost FO. 100g of 3ply out of my stash.


ferg said...

Did you complete the garment before the steak arrived? Just polite concern for your digestion! cheers Gillian

Taphophile said...

Well it put it away while I ate if that relieves your concern, Gillian. :)

happyspider said...

yay! seems to be a week for FOs! pity me for i have been relegated to green tea... no nice robust reds for me... until NOW!

Jejune said...

So - 723 kg of 3 ply minus 100g. Yeah, you're making progress baby ;)
Your yarn mountain is still there, isn't it? Come on, 'fess up... LOL!

Cardy is gorgeous, by the way - and red wine would just add a nice 'tie-dye' effect to the finished object, wouldn't it :D