Monday, January 02, 2006

PROJECT: Mark's Butch Cap

PROJECT: Mark's Butch Cap
MATERIALS: 1 x 225g ball natural "greasy" wool by Jumbuk of Bairnsdale bought at St VdeP for $2.
EQUIPMENT: 5mm circular needle; 4 x 5mm dpns (of course I don't have 5mm dpns - I'll have to buy some)
PATTERN: Mark's Butch, Macho Roll Brim Seaman's Watch Cap by Mark Thrailkill on the Witty Knitter's blog
  • tension square 2 Jan '06
  • knit7 Jan '06
  • darn in ends7 Jan '06
DUE DATE: This will be a thank you for the Yarn Swift. If I knit it soon, then surely the swift will be ready soon. I also believe in fairies ;). Let's say it's due 30 January 2006.
2 Jan - Well I started with a 5.5mm circ as there are no 5mm circs in the collection, but don't like the result. Wasn't the gauge as much as the circ. Will buy some 5mm dpns and give it a go. Interestingly the greasiness of the wool makes what would be quite a coarse textured fibre really lovely to knit with. I think I'll enjoy this project. And yes, I actually knitted a tension square. I unravelled the tension square because that's what I do and they are a waste of wool, but I knitted one, so there. :p
7 Jan - Finished according to pattern and the result is a too small hat. What, am I the only boofhead knitting for boofheads? As this took about 50g of a 225g ball, I'll cast on another. This time add 12 stitches to the width and 10 round to length.
21 Jan - Finished second cap. Cast on 84 stitches and added 10 rounds to the pattern. The needles used were Addi Bamboo dpns with lemon gummi bear point protectors. These needles are known as Bryan and we will be announcing our engagement soon. If there is any criciticism of Bryan, it's that at 15cm, they are a bit short for the hat. 20cm would have been better.

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happyspider said...

i have a 40cm 5mm circ if you'd like me to bring it on thursday. i offer because when i was looking for 5mm dpns it was a lost cause. i also have some 4.5mm dpns which is what i used instead for the brim of my 5mm hat (cant remember what it was).
and if you really cant find 5mm dpns, its pretty easy to convert hat patterns to two needles with a seam. mattress stitch is relatively invisible.
good luck :p