Monday, January 07, 2008

Cafe society

Item 5 for the Yarn Knit Along, Coffee Couture by Megan Longhurst from Yarn 6.

MATERIALS: Just under 50g of an 8ply recycled from an op-shop jumper.

ALTERATIONS: None, but I'm tossing up about picking up some of the side stitches and making a button placket for added warmth.

It's a lovely quick knit. Perfect for last minute gifts. Not that there's anything last minute about this one - it's a 2008 Christmas gift for coffee loving friends. Oh, and I've added the pattern to Ravelry if you want to queue it.

I had some help. One of the blokes at work wanted to learn to knit. He did most of a row of double rib.

A larger version for Dad's birthday on Thursday has been cast on. Fingers crossed I got the numbers right.


2paw said...

Your Cafe Couture is great!! I lie the chunkiness, it looks like good insulation!!
Nice to see you spreading the knitting word too!!

Margie said...

I thought it was a here and there cables scarf at first! Cute!

kms said...

there is nothing more heartening than the sight of a young man sweating over the needles. nice work!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Now if you could only convince the rest of them that they need to learn how to knit. You'd soon have your own little sweat shop happening.