Sunday, January 27, 2008

Seven things weak 20, no 21 - damn numbers

Five whole months of this and still room for improvement - both on the ins and the outs.

I can leave other stuff in shops now - clothes, cute clutter, Tupperware etc... , but am still unable to pass up a yarn bargain.

There was an accident in Lincraft involving 75 balls of Cleckheaton Machinewash 5ply and $40 of my hard earned dosh. 53c a ball and enough for 3 projects for me. Enough to knit the twinset design in my head and have some left over for practising on. Enough to actually knit a tension square and not have to leave it on the needle because I'm pretty sure I'm going to need those 30 rows worth of yarn . I still look at the pile and giggle and kick my heels with glee. So not much progress really. Bargain yarn is my biggest weakness - even ahead of chocolate.

In my defence, I did not rush to the Cassidy's $2 sale despite every fibre in my being screaming at me to do so and I left a packet of very nice vintage chocolate brown 8ply at Vinnies yesterday.

IN (16)
7 projects worth of yarn (for $65 - less than $10 a project! still giggling). LINCRAFT
6 books GIFTS
1 cycling helmet - I had to buy new. There's no way I'm trusting my few remaining brain cells to a secondhand helmet.
1 cycle pump - ditto new.
1 bed linen set GARAGE SALE $5

OUT (48)
1 ball winder GIFT
1 top OP SHOP
1 bath tub tidy OP SHOP
2 hand knitted scarves GIFTS
3 nail polishes BIN
2 decorative boxes OP SHOP
20 CD cases WORK - yes our budget is that bad that I am subsidising the stationery
1 CD folder WORK
5 hair ties BIN
1 ruler OP SHOP
1 fake flower BIN
1 key ring TSS
1 CD jewel case TSS
2 pairs knitting needles GIFTS
3 Tupperware containers OP SHOP

SIAA (1)
1 TTWC and progress on other stuff, but nothing finished *sigh*.

IN 16
OUT 48



TinkingBell said...

Doing brilliantly! I couldn't resist the siren call of Cassidy's (via an intermediary) and fell into a pile of 2 dollar Jet at the local spotlight - I think there's a rib warmer vest for me!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

psssst... it's actually week 21...

And wehat are you talking about girl? There's still more Outs than Ins (although in terms of bulk you're probably screwed this week) :-)

Lynne said...

53c a ball? Of course you couldn't pass that up - especially when you already knew what you were going to do with it and weren't just 'collecting'.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

You LEFT behind CHOCOLATE 8PLY!!!!!! Im lusting after that colour this year (really regret going for pale pink Heirloom last spring....)

Jejune said...

I think you've done remarkably well - and if all you have left is a weakness for bargain yarn, well, that's not a bad thing, is it? :)

Kate said...

Oh dear, Tinkingbell, now I have to restrain myself from marching down to Spotlight for Jet. There's a teascosy I want to knit for the Yarn Magazine KAL that needs Jet or 10ply. I havn't any 10ply and now I'm going to have to sruggle with my yarn diet. *groan* Well done you, Taph, for not caving in and going to Cassidy's.

2paw said...

$2 Jet??? I bet it's not the nioce greeny one. It never is it's always the orange.
What a fantastic bargain, I think it would have been criminal to have left it there!!!!!!

Donna Lee said...

Bargains don't really count as Ins. Especially when you'll get so much joy out of knitting them up. Think of it as entertainment, like renting a movie. I just stay out of thrift shops. I know if I go in the door, I will find someting that has to come home with me. Come spring, I'll be cleaning out closets. I don't have the mental energy in the winter. I need my stuff around me to feel warm!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I heard yesterday that Meg Ryan has a weakness for underage guys and cocaine. So I think that with a weakness for wool at bargain prices, you are ahead of the game.

Anonymous said...

I've hit a brick wall about things toge rid of, I'm impressed that you still find things to go.

Anonymous said...

you miscounted your in's ;)