Sunday, January 13, 2008

Seven Things Week 19

You know how I mentioned dying in the arse in my last post. I speak from experience.

All that knitting this last week has meant little time or inclination to evaluate the resident stuff. That and answering the phone to The Shopping Sherpa when she's in an op-shop.

IN (7)

1 pair shoes OP SHOP
2 bundles spinning fibre OP SHOP
1 spinning wheel OP SHOP c/- TSS
1 pair hand carders OP SHOP c/- TSS
2 projects alpaca blend yarn OP SHOP c/- TSS

OUT (17)

1 coffee cosy. GIFT
1 video cassette. GIFT
1 small basket. OP SHOP
1 carton of about 200 copy safe sleeves reclaimed from old research notes etc. DONATED TO WORK
4 containers perfumed talc. 1 BIN, 3 GIFTS
1 scrubbing brush. Unhygenically old and mouldy. BIN
1 wooden spoon. BIN because it snapped at a point to far down the handle to turn it into a short handled spoon.
1 pair knitting needles TSS


2 coffee cosies
1 Time Thief Watch Cap
3 Calometry headbands
1 rice bag turned into a project bag
all entirely from boodle, including the buttons.

IN 7
OUT 17
net out 10



The Shopping Sherpa said...

Slowly and surely wins the race - and you're still meeting target. It may seem frustrating after a couple of weeks of getting rid of a kazillion things but it's still a win!

TinkingBell said...

Yayayayayay still going OK! Mine has faltered (except for the shaking it about - but I have hopes!

Melinda said...

Wow...what op shops do you go to??

Anonymous said...

Op shops are dangerous! I go in to donate my stuff and always seem to leave with something too. But that spinning wheel is quite a bonus!