Sunday, January 20, 2008

Seven Things Week 20

It's been a rough week, Chez Taph.

Disruption and uncertainty at work, mainly. I was such a misery I wanted to get away from myself most of the time and I will admit to a little thrift therapy on Saturday to take the edge off and then I treated myself to knitting up one of my prettiest special yarns to get through a dire family function. Amazing how well buying 4 cheap paperbacks and indulging my senses of sight and touch with pretty yarn can lift a mood and prevent bloodshed on a massive scale.

Someone once told me that Totem is cheaper than valium.

IN (34)

1 shopping basket GIFT
2 sealable plastic tubs rescued from being dumpstered WORK
26 Patons patterns EBAY
1 tortie cr***et hook OP SHOP. I've never seen a tortiseshell hook before, it's pretty.
4 novels. OP SHOP

OUT (52)

3 cushions OP SHOP
3 video cassettes OP SHOP
2 curtain rod ends OP SHOP
1 flower press OP SHOP
9 crochet patterns GIFTS
6 crochet hooks GIFTS
1 knitted headband GIFT
1 pair shoes OP SHOP
1 handbag OP SHOP


2 lacy headbands
1 Short Circuit Scarf


IN 34
OUT 52



Janet McKinney said...

Sounds like you and TSS are having a bad week. I am glad you had some yearn therapy - the best kind.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Yearning for yarn? ;-)

TinkingBell said...

Hope this week is an improvement! Well done ot the seven things - we've just been going through large piles of assorted crap sorry elderly papers and piling them into the recycling - it makes a difference, but doesn't look as interesting!

Leah said...

I reckon even cashmere is cheaper than valium.... just keep knitting... just keep knitting

kms said...

hmm sorry to hear about the crap week. i think totem is not only cheaper but will make you feel better in the long run. its probably addictive as well tho...

Marg B said...

Really sorry to hear about your crap week. Hang in there and keep on petting your yarn.

Kate said...

While Totem may be cheaper, the withdrawals are just as crappy. I can't wait for the next revolutioin of Totem to be re-introduced. I'm still mourning the last colourway.

Sorry to hear that things have been grim. V. wise to indluge in paperbacks and yarn : )