Saturday, January 12, 2008

Counting Calorimetries

It's that time of year again, twin niece birthday time. Well it's a month away, but when knitting for two of the same gender for the same day, some forward planning is required.

This year they are getting headbands. First off, Calorimetry from Knitty, Winter 2006.

The yarn is ancient Wangaratta Woollen Mills 12ply that was in Mum's stash in 80s. Ms Spider gave it her special treatment and voila - unique headbands for my favourite girls.

The pinky mauve one is knitted to the pattern but on smaller needles and is still too big. The blue one is about 1/3 smaller all over and is a better size. I've already knitted, but not photographed, a smaller version in the pinky mauve. Trust me, it's the same, but smaller.

The girls will be 13 this year and recently worked out that Auntie Taph always makes something for their birthday. Since Christmas, they've been looking quite closely at the needles for a sneak preview. Huh, I'm not that silly, all they've seen are endless beanies.

I intend two more headbands, probably Molly's Headband from the free Interweave Knits patterns. Haven't decided on yarns yet.

Over on Ravelry I signed up for the Knit a Mile Challenge. Knit a mile (1600 metres or thereabouts) of yarn between 5 Jan and 19 Feb. I signed up thinking it would be fun but not expecting to actually make it.

Progress to date. 900+m. 4 beanies, 3 Caliometries, 1 Clapotis and 2 coffee cosies.

I might actually get there or I could begin well and completely die in the arse. No saying really.


Leah said...

Calorimetries look good! I must have missed the knit a mile - too much on ravelry to keep track of, really. I wonder if frogged knitting still counts - cos that sure would boost my total lately.

Janet McKinney said...

Very nice Taph - where did you get the pattern for the head bands, I like the look of them

Janet McK

2paw said...

Nice Calorimetricy things!! I can never get that name right!! I hope you keep on knitting up the metres and have a wonderful success!!!

TinkingBell said...

Nice headbandy whatsits - love the colours - remember - just 4 big bendi balls of 8 ply will get you there!

Jejune said...

Beautiful work, Taph - hope your nieces haven't figured out that you have a blog as well! :)

sue said...

Great headbands, and I really love the blue one. Good luck with knitting, and I am sure you can make it.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I wonder what the girls would say/think if they opened up their pressies and found beanies. But I know that you're not that cruel and would never play a joke like that....

Me on the other hand...heh heh heh