Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Talk about a resolution, we-e-eell you know...

Last year's resolution (shelved to fund Dad's grand plans for my garden) has been resurrected.

Each month I'm going to buy something from an Australian independent fibre producer/artisan. NY resolutions are usually restrictive, and I wanted something joyous and positive, so that's mine.

I'll still be stash diving for most knitting projects but now I've got something to look forward to each month.
This list is probably waaaay out of date by now - if you know of any other local fibre producers/artisans, please let me know in the comments or by email.

A subset of this resolution is to continue to "knit the pretties". All those lovely yarns and spinning fibres that I have - well I deserve to knit them, so I will. Not all of them, obviously, but I'm giving myself permission to play.


kms said...

all the best resolutions involve s.e.x. :)

Donna Lee said...

What a good positive resolution. I am giving myself the gift of a sock yarn club that I adore. Each month a new art-inspired hank of yarn comes to my door and I always love them. I am going to try to support local artists more this year as well.