Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Chunking up the New Year

Beanie 2008.001
PATTERN: Match Made in Heaven by Norah Gaughan from Family Circle Easy Accessories

YARN: Chinook, yarn cheese bought at the Smith Family in 2006 - still working through it.

NEEDLE: 10mm dpns thanks to Olivia.

Cast on at 8.00pm, photographed and put in the box 11pm, including Union of Crafters and Knitters mandatory tea and wee breaks.


Janet McKinney said...

Most impressed...


TinkingBell said...

Happy happy 2008! What a great resolution - maybe I'll add that to my using up stash one!- if I make it sock yarn or a single skein it comes under my get out of gaol free! Seriously though, it's been so great and inspiring to meet you in 2007 -and 5 mongolians have warmer heads because of your beanies! (and the ladies at the womens shelter got new stuff and my house is a teeny bit less cluttered - but there's still a loooooong way to go!) I'm looking forward to meeting up with you in March (and given the rate at which someone stole last year that should be in about 3 weeks!)

Olivia said...

that's the good thing about 10mm needles, for all that they are clunky to hold on to, damn fast!

2paw said...

Wow!! Way to go!! Happy New Year, I have missed so much: so many hats, the puppies, the green scarf, the great socks, the Ins and Outs, the going and coming back of YARN!!! Love your Australian Knitting terms too!!!