Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cry baby

I may be a bad blogger, a bad commenter and a truly crap correspondent, but I must have done something right.

This week, the best thing that can happen to a knitter happened to me - three times. I unexpectedly met recipients of my knitted love actually wearing the thing/s I knitted them - in public, you know, where other people could see them. Made me want to cry.

And some lovely people thought of me when they were in the vicinity of vintage knitting patterns. That made me want to cry, too.

And I went to the footy with a bloke who didn't think it all offensive, or even remarkable, that I knitted a sock while were out together, in public, you know, where other people could see. Yep, made me want to cry again.

I have not, however, spent my time in tears. I've been too busy grafting the toes of bedsocks and darning in all the bloody ends. Here's about 10 days' worth of sock production from Mum for Bron's CanAssist project. Despite pneumonia she's keeping up the production.

Consequently all I've managed to finish is 2 beanies, but I have made progress on many socks. Would be great to actually finish a pair this week.


2paw said...

That's such a nice thing to happen!! Your mum is a knitting machine!!!

Kuka said...

That is awesome, Taph! I am so grateful to both you and your mum for helping out on this - it really means a lot to me! I can't wait to meet these socks in person - you're right some of the coours are divine! And I'm so keen to see close up where Spidey has worked her dye-y magic!
Great photo too =)

amanda j said...

That is a mindboggling achievement! Your Mum is amazing!! I hope she feels better soon.

I cry all the time. Every day! It's shocking!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

That post made me want to cry as well.

As for the bloke not concerned about you knitting in's proof that not all the good ones are taken.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Wow Go Mum!!!