Saturday, April 19, 2008

Seven things week 33

Telstra still haven't fixed the line. Intermittant internet and non-existent telephone. Apparently over a week is the urgent service they provide where a person is caring for someone on LIFE SUPPORT.

IN (11)
1 vest's worth yarn from a destash on Ravelry. It's lovely - vintage Patons Lambswool 80 (80% wool, 20% nylon) in a not quite solid forest green. Soooo lovely and really cheap. Thanks Kate.
3 CDs - a late inclusion on Friday night at The Song Company concert. This completes my holdings for The Song Company and I'm a very happy bunny.
6 sets Knit Picks sock needles. It's a long story, I didn't order them and yet, here they are. They look nice.
1 set chopsticks - present from Dad. They are very pretty. When I opened the box my nieces declared they were knitting needles and had to be shown that they weren't. Jess said I could use them as needles anyway. Love that kid.

OUT (79)
50 blank DVDs GIFT
1 oil jar OP SHOP
2 tops OP SHOP
1 tea pot GIFT
1 Tupperware container GIFT
1 spinning wheel GIFT
6 bobbins GIFT
1 orifice hook GIFT
1 pair hand carders GIFT
10 hair elastics BIN
1 set dpns GIFT

2 dresses refashioned to make them wearable. So when I say "refashioned", I mean shortened by 12-14" to take them from frumpy to fabbo length and repositioned some of the darts.
2 beanies

IN 11
OUT 79


Kate said...

Welcome back. I'm guessing that with your dad back you'll be 'about' a bit more? Let us know how the knit picks work out.

I miss live music but I'm too slack to want to go to anything that starts late. That said, we're going to a concert tonight - 1812 overture complete with cannon fire at the Kapooka Army Base tonight. Woot!

Petunia said...

However you got them, you'll love the KnitPick needles. I use them for "2 socks on 2 circs" and for Magic Looping 2 at a time. Pointy, wonderful

2paw said...

I'm just frightened by the Orifice Hook!!
Hope they sort out the whole phone thing quickly for you.

amanda j said...

Blasted Telstra. They have us over a barrel.