Saturday, April 26, 2008

Seven Things Week 34

The influx of patterns from Margit and a Rav offer sent me to the patterns again. These are a major source of clutter around here and because they've been one of the few things I've allowed myself to buy without guilt in the last 8 months, there's been a bit of an explosion. This is in part due to buying bulk lots from eBay etc to get just a few desirable items. Often I've culled the dross, but not always.

There has now been a cull and a further refined vintage pattern collection development policy which should help.

The knitting mags are now organised (so many in just a few years!) but I haven't listed all of the patterns yet. That is classed as displacement activity from actually tidying up and chucking out. It can happen once the cull has been achieved. Arrangement comes first, then description.

Most of the culled patterns have not left the building, though. Tempting as it is to drag the recycling bin the the bottom of the stairs and throw, responsible re-homing needs to take place.

One of my personal rules during this challenge is to not hold off disposing of things in a bonanza week just so I can easily make the numbers in the next week. I promise this is not what I am doing but look out for a bumper out count next week.

IN (62)
7 vintage patterns from a Rav offer.
50 vintage patterns from Margit - I won't keep all of them, but have only done a rough sort so far.
1 circular needle $3 OP SHOP
1 pr socks worth vintage Patonyle scraps $1.50 OP SHOP
1 small amount yarn to finish Mr C's birthday socks GIFT
1 set hand-crafted timber dpns. $15. Seriously, why would I pay a similar amount for Brittany's when I can support a local craftsman who will make to order? Love Peter Filmer's work.
1 knitting book. GIFT

OUT (176)
3 knitting mags GIFT
1 pair socks GIFT
16 pairs socks DONATION
2 circ needles GIFT
11 books GIFTS
51 mags and newsletters RECYCLING
40 mags, books and patterns OP SHOP
2 bags wooden beads OP SHOP
16 greetings cards OP SHOP
1 Tupperware container OP SHOP
1 pair jeans OP SHOP
1 skirt OP SHOP
1 jumper OP SHOP

2 pairs socks

IN 62
OUT 174


1 comment:

Kate said...

My church has a fete about every quarter (this is where I got my lovely yarn swift from). They frequently have vintage patterns and about 30% of these are Patons patterns. Could you let me know what you're collecting specifically and I can keep an eye out for these?

Well done with the organising and thoughtful disposal. Go the Socks!