Saturday, April 12, 2008

Seven Things Week 32

Rushing to post before my internet connection dies again. A pox on Telstra!

IN (16)
1 book from OP SHOP $2
1 sheet for making stash bags OP SHOP $3.50
1 cocktail shaker. It was a whole bar set but I only want the shaker so donated the other stuff back. OP SHOP $10.50
1 cocktail dress. Brand new LBD that fits! OP SHOP $6
4 pairs stockings OP SHOP $2
1 pr brand new RM Williams boots OP SHOP $30
1 project bag GIFT
4 hats worth yarn GIFT
2 knitting books AMAZON

OUT (136)
1 crucifix. My nephew, who is also one of my godsons, made his First Holy Communion last Saturday night. I gave him the cross I was given the day I received Communion for the first time. GIFT
1 pair wristwarmers. My own pair donated to a niece who lost one of hers and these were the only ones in the correct school colour GIFT
3 vintage mohair wraps. I love them but cannot wear them next to my skin and the colours are all wrong for using them in home decorations etc. OP SHOP
4 cotton singlets for the mechanic's RAG BAG
2 shirts GIFT
1 pr trousers OP SHOP
8 tops OP SHOP
4 jumpers OP SHOP
1 serving dish, chipped & cracked BIN
1 aluminium pudding basin OP SHOP
2 cake decorating templates OP SHOP
12 tea caddies OP SHOP
22 Tupperware containers OP SHOP / GIFTS
21 cook books OP SHOP
1 knitting pattern GIFT
2 knitting magazines GIFTS
4 cake tins OP SHOP
1 vase OP SHOP
1 vase GIFT
1 painting GIFT
3 mugs OP SHOP
1 trinket box OP SHOP
12 magazines OP SHOP
1 cassette BIN
1 skirt OP SHOP
3 dresses OP SHOP
2 jackets OP SHOP
22 craft books OP SHOP
1 plastic needle gauge broken BIN
1 child’s sipping cup OP SHOP
1 Walkman OP SHOP
1 Walkman cover OP SHOP
1 needle felted sheep GIFT
8 cake tins; rusted and yucky BIN

OUT (9)


TinkingBell said...

You are a de-cluttering legend! And an inspiration - I am stashbusting as hard as I can!!!LOL - I need to really clear the decks a bit!

Kuka said...

ooooh, well outed this week!!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

You rule with the outs. As we've started the Spring cleaning, I'll be able to start with my outs this week..YEAH!!!!!

Donna Lee said...

That's an impressive out list! And to find a lbd that fits for only 6 dollars! That is a once in a lifetime find. Good job!