Sunday, April 06, 2008

Silent Running

I'll go a bit quiet over the next few weeks.

Just put Dad on a 'plane bound for China and North Korea. Mum's not 100% so I'll be up at her place for as long as it takes.

Thanks to everyone for their comments recently. I've checked out your suggestions Trudi and will keep them in mind for another time. I really do not want to encourage Mum to use sock yarn - I'll never see a ball of Patonyle again!

It's pretty obvious that I'll have to find more photos of Hotties in Handcraft for you all. Promise to try and find a few more. That geologist was something else though - might be hard to beat.


TinkingBell said...

A very cute geolist with great mittens!

Donna Lee said...

The geologist with the rocks was lovely to look at. Enjoy being with Mom and hang onto your stash!