Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No fool like an ...

My Aussie Bag Lady Swap parcel arrived today.

Those of you keen on April Fool's pranks will appreciate that my bag is, wait for it


Mel did a beautiful job - it reminds me a lot of the Snapping Turtle Skirt (Rav link, sorry) by Norah Gaughan, and we all know was a NG groupie I am!

The yarn is Noro Silk Garden in colours of red, pink and green - rich, rich colours
that pull you in.
There's also Maya Gold chocolate (considerably less than an hour ago when the photo was taken)here), vintage Patons patterns (such a good little stalker) and divinity of divinities, some of Mel and Pretty Girl's handspun. Glorious blues and purples and so soft and snuggly. Simply gorgeous.

I'm a very happy fool. :)


Michelle said...

That bag is absolutely gorgeous! You lucky duck.

And I am very impressed that you used the full CROCHET word in your blog. Never thought I'd see the day.

Kuka said...

oooh, what a gorgeous package!!
The bag is so lovely, and the yarn is divine!
I'm impressed you used that word too ;)

sue said...

So many goodies and I especially love the crochet bag.

Kate said...

Ah, I see now why you were so restrained! That handspun is delectable, and the bag - what a lovely thing! You made out like a bandit.