Saturday, April 05, 2008

Seven Things Week 31

Last Saturday's Frugalling Fiesta TM was a bit of a blow out. I probably didn't need to get the Tinka Toy set or all of the wine charms, but I'm not too disappointed in myself and I've compensated well with the outs.

There are a couple of major goals for April.

1. To BookCross or otherwise divest myself of books that I don't love or require and
2. Do the clothes cull, again.

In May I will be rearranging the rooms at Taph Towers and don't want to move crap around unneccesarily. A serious book and clothes cull will free up some of the storage space around here.
If I had the resources everything would go into a storage unit and I'd just furnish one room at a time over the month. Not going to happen but I reckon I can work a modified version.

IN (39)
2 bolts linen curtaining. Divine - just perfect for my bedroom. Stay tuned for blind making in May. $40 SALVOS
3 sets single bed sheets. Just glorious 1960s cotton sheets, still with the shiny sizing all over them. Two stripey patterns of pink, green, blue, mauve and yellow on white. Just like I remember from childhood. These are destined to be stash bags for the boodle cupboard when it is rearranged. $15 OP SHOP
2 novels $4 SALVOS
9 knitting patterns OP SHOPS $4.50
1 vintage Tinka Toy set $4 SALVOS
3 sets wine charms $6.50 SALVOS (one is a rather nice Alex Liddy Christmas themed set which will be one of my Secret Santa gifts this year; one set is for my SIL's birthday and the other will probably become stitch markers)
1 plastic needle holder $2 SALVOS
1 pr socks worth yarn - vintage yarn in the colourway "Happy Camel" - hoot+
1 cone weird yarn - strange slubby yarn with a boucle plied around it in shades of green and pink. So hideous it had to be mine. $5 and they chucked the "Happy Camel" in for free.
3 knitting books (Spin to Knit; Handpaint Country and the Golden Hands Book of Knitting and Cr***et). All second-hand but only the Golden Hands was cheap. Still I've wanted both Spin to Knit and Handpaint Country for ages and Canty's had them. Mr Canty was a bit cross I bought them because he rather wanted to "keep them making the shelves look pretty for another couple of weeks". Isn't that sweet?
2 dresses bought new but 60% off (actually from last week - I forgot)
1 yarn holder GIFT (also from last week - it was in use when I did the count and it got missed)
1 bag from my swap partner GIFT
1 skein handspun from my swap partner GIFT
3 vintage Patons patterns from my swap partner GIFT
2 cotton sheets (to become nighties for next summer) $7 SALVOS
1 pr socks worth Patonyle $4 VINNIES
1 pr socks worth vintage yarn $2 SALVOS

OUT (140)
14 balls of yarn GIFTS
20 empty cd cases OP SHOP
19 souvenir spoons. Nanna was convinced, for YEARS, that I collected souvenir spoons. I'm sure it started out as her bringing me back a spoon from a trip and me politely thanking her and saying how lovely it was. From that one spoon, an entire stir* of souvenir spoons was born. I've accidentally added to it over the years. As a guest speaker, I was often the recipient of a spoon as a speakers' gift (please see previous post re speakers' gifts). Some I've used in tea caddies, but even with my caffeine addiction I can't use this many. The collection has followed me from town to town and house to house for a VERY long time. There was an initial cull done some years ago, and I kept those which were more special than the others for whatever reason. They aren't that special, though. OP SHOP
2 bras; new but ill-fitting DONATION
1 bra - beyond useful BIN
1 wash cloth GIFT (forgotten from last week)
1 stockpot - excess to requirement OP SHOP
6 tops and blouses DONATIONS
2 cotton nighties worn to the point of indecency - into the rag bag for the mechanic GIFTS
1 set baby socks GIFT
13 prs wristwarmers (again, there were 26 that went off and I'm claiming half as my stash component. I noticed in this consignment considerable quantities of wool contributed by TSS and Spidey - thankyou my friends) DONATIONS

2 TTWCs - with grateful acknowledgement of the assistance of Janet and TSS, both of whom became antsy watching me knit and who helped with a couple of beanies for a while. I do so hate to see people idle.
1 pair socks
IN 39
OUT 140


*No idea what or even if there is a collective noun for souvenir spoons, but a "stir" seems about right on a couple of levels. ;)


Janet McKinney said...

Twas a pleasure to assist you with your TTWC. And yes - it was frustrating beyond belief to see you knitting, but not have any in my hands.

Happy cleaning out - enjoy the freedom of creating space.

Anonymous said...

Now if you ever feel the need to part with the Tinka toys *cough* I can help.
It sounds like you have lots happening on the crafting front, curtains and rearranging and such.

chocolatetrudi said...

A stir of spoons. I love it.

m1k1 said...

Look I'm sorry, I'm still back with the guy from the last post. I think I will save the image to my desktop, in the interests of 'ornithological research, you understand.

Donna Lee said...

I have a collection of "decorator" tea pots. I do not collect tea pots but one time mentioned to my aunt that I wanted my grandmother's after she died. I have one from each of my grandmothers and I love and cherish them. My aunt decided that I collect tea pots and has added to my collection with abandon. Someday, I will get rid of them but not yet. She is elderly and sick and they still make me smile. We are getting into the swing of the cleaning out with spring on the way.

TinkingBell said...

I am so impressed (and very guilty - a lot more things have come into my possession over the last few weeks than have gone out!)

I've been doing some culling, but REALLY need to do more. Lots MORE!