Monday, March 02, 2009

Flick Knits - Twilight

Oh Lord, where to start? The film is mostly laughable - an entire theatre can't be wrong. There were a couple of tense, engrossing bits, but largely it was laughable ... and long.

The Old Flame found the clause in the ANU Film Group membership rules that allows members to take up to two under 16 guests for nothing to any film, even those marked "No Guests". E, my just-turned-14 niece, is a twerd (Twilight nerd, how could you not know that!?) so was beyond excited to attend with us. OK, there was squealing involved and it wasn't only her father pleased to have someone else listen to endless chatter about Twilight - she's been banned from speaking of it at home.

This was her third showing of the film, although, she assures me, the book is much, much better. And that's exactly why I took her - she's finally reading. Her whole life I've been trying to get her to read. Her twin sister is never without a book, but E has resisted despite all the gifts of books to tempt her. She valued the book as an object but just wasn't all that interested in what lay between the covers. Now she's reading with appetite and we are all overjoyed.

TSS contributed to our first TTWC of the year but that wasn't the only knitting that night. The knit count in the film was pretty high - between 8 and 12 different items, including some lovely cabled mittens worn by Bella (our heroine) and a sweet lacy scarf worn by Rosalie (picks on TSS's blog). No-one was actually caught in the act of knitting and there were no knitting references. Crochet also featured a couple of times.

A quick Rav search showed several copycat patterns and lots and lots of tribute ones (there's even a Twilight sock club).

Here's some of the copycat patterns for you - I've provided non-Ravely links where I can. The prices are US dollars.

Bella's Mittens
Snoweviolet has created a pattern for these (Rav link) $5; as has Beth Galantino (Rav link) $6. Both must be purchased.

Rosalie's Scarf
Shigella has created a pattern for this and there's a crochet version, too. Although, I admit, I had a different idea of the scarf myself. Free.

And one by Beth Galantino (Rav link). $4.

Alice's Scarf
A fine version with free pattern by Craft with Kater Tater.


twitchy fingers said...

I feel your pain. I posted this rave about Twilight at Kuka a little while ago...

"I didn't want to like it [the book]. I hated the writing style (treated me like i was too dim to read between the lines), I hated the main characters, and I wanted them all to die. But. It was rivetting.

But for the love of all that is holy and good in this world, DO NOT SEE THE MOVIE. I laughed at the ridiculousness so frequently that I had maltesers thrown at me. I was prepared to give it some artistic licence and to suspend belief - it is after all a vampire movie - but dear god it was awful. Bad effects, painful main actress, serious overacting, stupid dialog - I could go on. Not only did I lose two hours of my life that I will never get back, but I actually think I was stupider when I came out than when I went in."

2paw said...

My take is that this is Buffy-lite or Ultraviolet-lite, heck, even Dracula-lite. It's not for me, but if it encourages reading, I say they should go in droves!!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Crap. Why didn't I notice Alice's scarf?