Thursday, March 05, 2009

We're not all hooligans

I was knitting at the bus interchange this evening. Knitting and waiting for the free bus to the stadium to watch the Socceroos lose in a lacklustre fashion to Kuwait.

The woman on the bench next to me asked what I was knitting, fondled the spare balls of Jet and marvelled over stitchmarker bling and told me about how her late mother was a knitter and how nice it was to see someone younger (than her late mother) knitting.

The bus for the stadium came. My neighbour let out a huge sigh and said "Thank heaven the stadium bus is here, now all these hooligans will leave!"

I smiled and said, gently, that I was leaving on that bus too. She blushed and replied "You? But I thought with the knitting and everything...."

"We're not all hooligans", I assured her.

Mind you, I think I like the sound of hooligan knitters.


happyspider said...

Hey, one of my students told me yesterday that one of their teachers calls our knitting group 'the knitting mafia' and was very down on it.
It's ok though: we'll send him to steek with the fishes.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

"Steek with the fishes"? Is that like surf and turf?

Can I be a knitting hooligan, too?

Michelle said...

I do think that knitting hooliganism could take the fibre crafts to whole new levels of civil disobedience.

All power to the knitting holligans!

(I once crocheted at a Crusty Demons show - I think that not only was I the only person crocheting, I was also the only SOBER person there)

Kuka said...

steek with the fishes! *teehee* =)

Wasn't the game awful?
I have to say, the highlight for me was racing you to the loo at half time =)

Taphophile said...

OK, Michelle, so now I'm trying to design a jacket patch for Fibre Fiends/Chaos Crafters etc., just like the Hells Angels have.

Kuka, I think you and I showed much more speed and commitment in the loos than any of the Socceroos did on the field.

Michelle said...

Taph, that would be hilarious!

Kinokuniya bookstore had a craft logo a couple of years back with a skull with a granny-style bun, and hooks and needles as the cross bones. I think they gave me one as a temporary tattoo when I bought something. I really should dig it out one of these days!

2paw said...

That reminds me of Roger McGough's poem 'I'm a Nooligan'!! (I think thta's it, I read it a long time ago!!!)

Taphophile said...

Now I want me one of those tatts - temporary of course!

"Nooligan" is a great poem, 2paw. Here's a link to it online

Lynne said...

You rabble rouser you!

JustJess said...

My kind of hooliganism! Love the sound of that tatt too Michelle! Of course it would have to be a needlework design to be truly hooliganistic!!! (nothing like a new word!)

Petunia said...

Some of us are hooligans and damn proud of it!