Friday, March 06, 2009


Or actually, sometime next week.

Mum and I are off to the Riverina for the weekend to visit Nanna. She had a heart attack on Christmas Eve which made her fall and break her hip. She's pulled through it all and we're seeing her in her new home in Narrandera for the first time.

Oh, and there may be a little light op-shopping on the way home. Monday is a public holiday in the ACT but not in encircling NSW.


Lynne said...

HAve a safe trip and a lovely time with your mum and Nanna.

And not too much shopping, OK? LOL

Kate said...

Hi hon. I'm home on Monday as it's a public holiday in Can'tberra. If you need a cuppa, feel free to drop in and see how much the monster has grown : )

Anonymous said...

have a great weekend, hope nana is comfortable and the op-shops are wondrous!

hugs, vettiliveinnorthcote