Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Take the last train to Snotsville

It's official, I'm allergic to the Riverina and have returned with a raging case of allergic rhinitis. You don't need all the details but my nose is so swollen and sore I can't wear my glasses. Computer time is limited to how long I can squint at the screen; which is not all that long.

Nanna's happy and wonderfully cared for in the Narrandera Nursing Home. Thank you all for your good wishes.
When we got there Saturday she and my aunt were sitting in the courtyard knitting. We sat for a while, three generations of us, knitting.

Nan is not asleep. She is working out how to steal my yarn. The geranium coloured yarn in front of her was, momentarily, my aunt's but Nan decided she like it better than the pale blue and that the pattern was boring anyway. She really liked the Naturally Aspire I was knitting into brioche stitch scarf. I had to move it from her reach.

(details on Ravelry)

There were sheep on the road - been a while since I've seen that.

Somewhere on the "short cut" between Leeton and Ardlethan that added an hour to the journey home.

There was op-shopping in Temora, Young and Yass. Total haul 2 pieces Tupperware ($1.50), 2 pairs new swimmers ($4), 3 blouses ($8), and 2 balls old Patonyle ($2).

Salvos shop in Young

And there was more dealing with Nanna's stuff. Several more cartons of dolls have now found appreciative homes, books have been delivered to Lifeline and clothes to various op-shops and the Old Flame scored a pressure cooker for his putative still.


2paw said...

Oh short cuts can be the devil!! We got stuck behind a bus on the Coal River road and that was the end of any shorting!!!
I think that picture looks like your nan is a politician 'napping' in Parliament!! Nice scarf.

Grand Purl Baa said...

Ah see now if only GRANDFATHERS would knit and lust after yarn.

Lynne said...

It can be difficult when loved ones are not quite the person they used to be - you have my full sympathy.

Glad you had a worthwhile trip - take care and get better soon.

Kate said...

When I was doing the bus to Can'tberra we regularly drovers herding their cattle along the Burley Griffin Way. Apparently this is a recognised droving route. It had the shortest grass in all the areas I've ever driven in, great for grassfire prevention.

Sorry to hear about the rhinitis - I completely and totally sympathise with you. It sucks sideways and occasionally in a up/down, front/back manner.

I'm really impressed that your nanna can still remember how to knit!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Stealing yarn at her age? At least her cunning and criminal side is still focused in the proper direction.

Jejune said...

Very glad your Nan is going well at the nursing home. Bugger about the head cold though :p

Very restrained op shopping there! I'm impressed!