Friday, March 13, 2009

On a roll - a Summer Roll

The Old Flame's parents' good china is a discontinued pattern by Johnson Bros. called Summer Chintz. They like to get extra pieces when they can.

The Old Flame purchased four cups and saucers at Vinnies recently. I was dead chuffed to get a dinner setting for four (less 2 cups and 2 soup bowls) plus a rectangular sandwich plate and milk jug at Salvos Phillip this afternoon.


Lynne said...

Very pretty and how clever of you all to add pieces from the op shop! Would never have thought of it myself!

Our every day china comes in four place settings so I bought two sets; since there are only two of us now I hope it will last a while!

2paw said...

What a pretty set and what a lucky find!!!

Donna Lee said...

I have a place setting for 4 of some lovely china that we got as a wedding pattern. I love it but have never added to it because I have a set that my mother gave me that was my grandmother's that we use for holidays and such. I'd like to add to the wedding china but never thought of thrift shops. Another reason to go!

Kuka said...

oh, that is a gorgeous pattern!!
It must be exciting to come across matching pieces!