Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The things one has in one's hot little mitts when one doesn't have a spindle handy! And I love the possum/merino blend yarn.

Thank you all for your condolences on Nanna's passing. The funeral in Wagga was small without fuss - she would have approved. I'm very glad I won't have to delivery any more eulogies for grandparents.


Kate said...

Ever read Colin Thiele's 'Sun on the Stubble'? Opening chapter was an account of a 12yo(ish) boy catching a possum. Hilarious!

Sorry to hear that you won't have excuses to visit the Riverina again; I enjoyed your trips through the dusty west. I'm glad that your Nan's passing was so quick and that everyone had a chance to see her before hand. Thoughts are with you.

Lynne said...

Now that's one thing I've never done - delivered an eulogy at a funeral. I've sung at a few but that's not the same - generally the people weren't closely related to me.

Take care and grieve appropriately; that is, don't bottle it all up inside. [A message from one who's been there!]

Janet McKinney said...

I was wondering dear Taph - whether you are interested in a barter. I have picked up a number of bags of angora (I think) fleece - black and white from a garage sale. I was wondering whether you would like to keep some to spain for yourself, if you would run it through your big round carding machine for me???

Janet McKinney said...

I know, I know.... you SPIN wool, not spain it

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Im so sorry to hear you lost Nanna,I havent been reading up on everyone for a while so have only just visited.My Nanna is also slowing up and am prepared to hear the worst even though she appears still strong!

Judes said...

BEA! This will learn me to take a long break from reading blogs! I'm so sorry to hear about the recent sadness in your world.

Lovely to read that your Easter was lovely and involved all of the best things in life!

catch up soon? xoxo