Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Knit Flicks

I thought we'd get a knit free experience on Friday night with a double bill of Body of Lies and
Towelhead but this was not so.

Body of Lies was completely knit free. It was also very violent, with quite explicit images of torture, but it wasn't gratuitously so. Tightly scripted, it was a very good film, despite the lack of knitting content.

Towelhead was more disturbing because the abuse was more personal and more within my imagination. The Old Flame and I agreed that a read of the book the film was based on would be a worthwhile excercise. Uncomfortable viewing. There is one scene in which a minor character is observed knitting.

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Lynne said...

I was watching something the other night where a character was wearing an argyle [machine] knitted cardi. I got quite distracted for a moment!! I'd never really noticed how they type-cast characters by their clothes before I began noticing the knits! I'm a bit unobservant that way!