Tuesday, June 02, 2009

See saw

Day one brought both my first FO and first set-back.

The Pretty in Pink socks are done (thanks to a staff meeting and a lunch break). They are pressed, beribboned and in the pressie box for the next baby girl.

However, I got a bit muddled with birthdays. The Old Flame's mum's birthday is July, it's his Dad who was born in October.

What to do about the blanket? Give it to his Dad instead? Not sure he goes for mauve all that much. Knit like buggery and hope to get it done by 6 July?

There are exactly 5 weeks until 6 July. Presumably it will need to be ready a couple of days before that, but we won't quibble about that. I estimate I need to knit 3 balls of Studio Mohair each week until b-day to finish. Not entirely sure I can manage that, so what I'll do is knit it this week, review progress and revise estimates accordingly. It might have to be an "on the needles" gift, but I'd like to get it done ASAP.

I'll be helped along by this, though. A very sweet colleague (also a knitter) bought me this at Spotlight over the weekend. She reckons I'll need another cup for the extra caffeine required to complete this challenge.


Michelle said...

Nice one, Taph! I love the non-tradtionaly shade of pink a lot. Much nicer than faded pastel pink.

But ooh, what to do about the blanket ... 3 balls a week is only half a ball a night. I'd be trying, but din't kill yourself over it. A beautiful gift like this on the needles when presented, will be just fine I reckon.

Marg B said...

I wouldn't be overly stressing with the blanket - maybe it could be a nice Christmas gift instead (yes, I know, right in the heart of an Australian summer...) Would he appreciate a nice (and quicker to knit!) hat/scarf/socks instead?

Olivia said...

Don't know what to advise, I only know I would be an idiot and try to get it done. And probably end up giving it on the needles!

The advantage of trying to finish it for July is it would be a big boost to your wipeout, right?

Kate said...

Would the un-birthday socks fit O.F.'s father?

Kuka said...

oooooh! I just never get sick of baby socks! Aren't they just TOO CUTE?!
Love the mug too - your colleague is a keeper!! =)

(now, i'm off to dunk my ANZACs in chocolate - GREAT IDEA!!!)

Lynne said...

Nice mug - our Spotlight only had one design - ugly!!