Thursday, June 11, 2009


The temptation to finish a hat (and there are a few within an hour or so of finishing), just so there's something to post is very, very great. I have resisted so far, but only by locking all hats in the boot of the car because it's too cold at night to go out unecessarily and it upsets the dogs to go in and out once we're home - they get all hopeful of an outing and then look very "hang-dog" when it's only me going to the larder/yarn cellar under the house or to the car to retrieve something.

There has been sock knitting, there has been blanket knitting. Neither are finished, nor have they been anywhere interesting to be photographed.

Also, the new Knitty is up and I really want to knit Annette by Helene Rush. I have several yarns in stash which would be perfect. I might settle for printing the pattern and gathering the yarn into a "not to be opened before September" kit.


LynS said...

I admire your strategy for dealing with your hat-knitting addiction. I'm not sure just what it is about hats, but I'm also on a hat-knitting jag at present. And I'm even repeating the same pattern - over and over.

Lynne said...

My you are very strong, aren't you? I wouldn't go out in the cold either - yesterday was your coldest day in several years, I believe!