Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's quiet .... maybe too quiet.

It sure has been quiet on the finishing things front around Taph Towers of late.

I knit and kint and knit and nothing gets finished (3 whole days and nothing finished - impossible!). People who like their gratification instantly or possibly sooner probably shouldn't be knitters. But I do so love it. I'm not me without knitting - I know because I've tried the not knitting and it just feels wrong.

The blanket for the Old Flame's mother is about halfway there. This is because I revised the finished size downwards, but it was based on a very scientific try-on-over-my-lap-and-his method. TOF's parents are considerably smaller than we are (cuckoos, anyone?) so if the rug fitted comfortably over my lap and part of his lap, I was obviously halfway there - at least. Right?

There are a some flaws in the blanket (a couple of purls that should have been knits), but I am embracing my limitations and going with a few imperfections. Perfectionism is part of the reason that 22 WIPs were identified at the beginning of June.

I did not, however, embrace the imperfections of the current sock in progress. Last week was a bit hectic, so only the cuff of the second sock was knitted (despite planning to finish it). Just as well because the nagging, "this doesn't feel quite right" feeling which plagued me during the knitting of said cuff turned out to be not the wrong sized needles, as suspected, but the wrong freaking pattern. Why I would knit a 1x1 rib when I always knit 2x2 rib cuffs? Also, why I did not check the other sock which was in the knitting bag the whole time when I first began to doubt is also beyond me.

We'll blame workplace deadlines and stress and let it go. Another hectic week this week with many teleconferences and meetings in which I could not knit means I've lost a week with the sock. Feeling a little less love for the project right now. Second sock is now unravelled and cuff reknitted and will be worked on in the coming week.


We have an unexpected arrival. A former member of my team and the world's loveliest person whom I fail to keep up with regularly because I am in the top ten of world's worst people, has just welcomed her first grandchild. A little boy - who is too big for the baby stash boy coloured socks. Obviously Aiden needs socks and I must provide them - now.
This weekend I knit baby socks. Next weekend we return to the scheduled knitting.

Luckily another dear friend's daughter produced a daughter who has been gifted with a matinee jacket (the pink one) and socks. I was prepared for Ruby.


Priscilla said...

I hear you on the knitting. I usually do a lot of crocheting, and I can finish projects pretty quickly. But this month, trying to get a knitted project finished every week, I have been really surprised at how much knitting I have had to do to get the projects finished. I have really had to be focused and disciplined. That's one reason why I'm not sure I can keep up the pace over the summer.

Hang in there. Those bigger projects will get finished eventually.

Olivia said...

I find it's nothing for ages (except maybe little felted things that I have down pat, much like your hats) and then multiple things get finished in a rush. Not the most even cycle but I think sometimes it's just the way it goes.

TinkingBell said...

I love knitting things fast, but sometimes the world (and children ) don't help one bit.

At least baby socks are quick!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I have learnt long ago never to knit in a new born size, but always something larger. I learnt this when my son did not fit into the really cute newborn size hooded cardi I knit him. I unravelled it and knit him a blankie:)

Kuka said...

oh, i love baby socks!! (and they're just perfect for instantish gratification!) =)

Donna Lee said...

I haven't finished anything for a while. I am in a knitting black hole with a sweater I am knitting and it's depressing! I finally decided to concentrate on a pair of socks that have a chance of getting finished in this lifetime.

Jejune said...

Wow, that's a fair few UFOs! They do add up, don't they?! It's definitely worth embracing the few flaws in the blanket and getting it finished - I'm sure it will be well loved :)

Welcome to the babies - nice after this spate of funerals (in my life and yours, in the past year) to have some new happy beginnings too.