Sunday, June 14, 2009

WIPeout 2009 - my socks

PATTERN: Pretty much making it up as I go along, with reference to a Patons pattern, but even it's mother wouldn't recognise it.

YARN: Lucy Neatby sock yarn in the Fiery Fuschia colourway that Janet brought with her from Ottawa in may 2007.

PROGRESS: Started in November 2008. Part way down the first leg.

  • Because these are for me, they keep falling to the bottom of the pile in favour of more pressing knits
  • I overshot the length of the leg and have to do some maths to make it work, or unravel.
  • Do the maths
  • Keep knitting - another portable project is a good thing.


Lynne said...

Oh yeah, socks are the ultimate portable project - except I knit mine on dpns and I'm always scared of losing the 'loose'one! Not so bad in the car but embarrassing on public transport! I must teach myself to knit on circulars!

You certainly have quite a few WIPs, don't you?

Donna Lee said...

The socks for me always end up at the end of the queue. And it seems like there are more people who are clamoring for handknit socks.

TinkingBell said...

Oh well done on the wipeouts! what a great idea - I had a bit of a finishing spree before going away, but I definitely need another - and they are all little projects too - which wouldn't take much to finish - 2 weeks and they'd mostly be done - I'm inspired!